Millar Industries has significant experience supplying U.S. Government Prime Contractors with various components for Night Vision devices, hearing protection and other products destined for U.S. and Allied Forces.

Case study: ITT Industries, Monocular Night Vision device

A&M Produces components for the Gen 3 Night Vision DeviceITT Industries is the largest manufacturer of Gen 3 night vision equipment for U.S and allied forces. When they decided to build their next Monocular Night Vision Device, they required a business Night vision devicepartner who could work with them through the entire project, from initial part design to full production. 

Millar Industries' engineering team provides design assistance through numerous design revisions prior to production, which helped to insure a successful "Zero Tolerance Program"

Millar Industries produced the following components for the Gen 3 Night Vision Device:

  • (12) individual injection molded components
  • (6) Single cavity molds
  • (2) Two cavity family molds
  • ITT Industries awards A&M Tool Supplier Excellence Award(2) Two cavity discrete molds

In addition to our design assistance experience for Mil-Spec products, Millar Industries is experienced in the detailed bid proposal process as a Prime Government Contractor vendor. Our communications and customer service protocols allow our Military Contractors to easily integrate Millar Industries into their downstream supply channel.

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